Monday, October 31, 2005


maybe not as easy to describe as the usual memory pictures.. pear, snail, etc. .. it trains your photographic memory


  • elf cap

    Pattern: Muija
    Product Name: elf cap
    Designer: Maija Isola and Kristina Isola
    Code: 53502
    Colour: 313
    Material: 100 % cotton


  • Ibir Puzzle

    Pattern: Ibir
    Product Name: puzzle
    Designer: Maija Isola and Kristina isola
    Code: 54255
    Colour: 520
    Size: 21,5 X 29,6 cm

    Pattern: Charles
    Product Name: puzzle
    Designer: Maija Isola and Kristina Isola
    Code: 54256
    Colour: 130
    Size: 21,5 X 29,6 cm


  • Bronto children's chair

    Richard Hutten
    year: 1997

    Each chair is different due to the use of two materials in the production process.

    project: The inevitable ornament
    material: Multi rotated soft and hard PU
    size: 55x28x35 cm

    Droog Design
    Staalstraat 7a
    1011 JJ Amsterdam
    telephone +31-(0)20-523 5050

    Seen at

  • Pikku Unikko-boot

    Pikku Unikko-boot
    Pattern: Unikko (Maija Isola/KI)
    Product Name: Pikku Unikko-boot
    Designer: Maija Isola and Kristina Isola
    Code: 27117
    Colour: 013, 019
    Size: 21-34
    Material: 50 % natural rubber, 50 % synthetic rubber


  • kid's modern dining..

    Kids' Stuff

    Kids' Stuff is a set of dishes for children with a design and details that meet a child's specific needs. The whole set is specially made for a child to use. Iittala wants to encourage children to participate in the meal and enjoy being at the table. Kids' Stuff includes a spoon, fork, knife, glass, bowl, plate, butter knife, cutting board and tray. Designed by Alfredo Häberli.


  • K-Block - stackable chair for children

    When Designer El Ultimo Grito in the year 2000 presented the K-block at the Bloomberg gallery in London, the concept was simple: A modular object which on its own acts as a stool or extra seating that when not in use can be stacked in an sculptural way. Combinations of the K-block can be used to resolve different furniture requirements. But most importantly it is an object that could be used by both adults and children in their own way!!

    K-Block Kinderstuhl
    wurde von Designer El Ultimo Grito im Jahr 2000 in der Bloomberg gallery in London vorgestellt..das Konzept eines modularen Objekts das als Stuhl oder zusätzliche Sitzgelegenheit dienen kann, erfüllt verschiedenste Zwecke eines Möbelstücks auf einfache, jedoch funktionale Weise. Ein Objekt aus pfelgeleichtem Kunsstoff, das von Erwachsenen und Kindern gkeichermassen benutzt werden kann!

    width 47cm | height 77,5cm | seat height 41cm | seat depth 45cm | weight ca 3,5kg
    material: Polyetylen MDPE.

    Seen at / Gesehen bei:

  • Manufacturer / Hersteller:

  • Thursday, October 20, 2005


    “When my son took his first steps and grabbed a stool to help him, I immediately saw what was needed. PICK-UP is a combined chair, walking aid and transport facility. Now that my son can walk without difficulty, the PICK-UP has become his car, loaded with all his books. And when he has friends around to visit, he takes them for a ride in his PICK-UP”.
    These are the words of designer Alfredo Häberli, master of multi-functionalism with a mission to make everyday life easier. When Alfredo became a father he suddenly asked himself the question, “Where are the exclusive objects designed just for kids and their needs?”. That question led to the design of PICK-UP in co-operation with OFFECCT. Although PICK-UP was originally designed for kids, it has a character that appeals to adults as well. The reason for this may lie in its proportions, its colours, or simply the fact that it looks funny, rather than in its function as a chair, a walking aid or a book/magazine holder.The seat and back of the PICK-UP are made in cold foam with flameproof fibre. It is upholstered in fabric and has a wooden frame. The wheels are in metal and rubber.

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  • Reduced-to-the-max rocking horse

    The Child's chair & Plastic rocking horse (1954) were designed by Walter Pabst.
    Once produced by Wilkhahn, they are not available any more.

    Der Kinderstuhl und das Plastik-Schaukelpferd wurden von Walter Pabst entworfen und von Wilkahn hergestellt. Sie befinden sich nicht mehr im Handel.

    pet yoga

    'It pet' is designed by 'it design'. The collection consists of four furniture objects inspired by yoga exercises: it pet badha, supta, paripurna und virasana.
    It pet recreativ furniture is designed to relax mentally and physically.
    Kids might like the colored abstract shapes of the small maritime zoo.

    Die kollektion it pet von it design umfasst vier Möbelstücke, die von Yoga Stellungen inspiriert sind: it pet badha, supta, paripurna und virasana.
    Die it pet recreativ furniture dient der Entspannung von Körper und Geist.
    Obwohl nicht als Kindermöbel gedacht, finden die Kleinen bestimmt Gefallen an den bunten und abstrahierten, an Robben und Seehunde erinnernden Formen. Und fangen an zu spielen. Zur Entspannung von Körper und Geist.


  • oeuvre of uncertainty - or just a kool kite

    Patrik Fredrikson´s designs are unconventional poetic compounds and express an exceptional sensibility to notions of usage and perception. His oeuvre isn´t simply contemporary, it rather combines a strict yet curious modern disposition with the bravery to employ chance and uncertainty.

    Patrick Frederikson entwarf diesen Drachen mit einer Menge tiefsinniger Hintergedanken. Sein Oeuvre eignet sich hervorragend für kleine Piepmätze um mit diesem grossen Raubvogel den Spatzen ein wenig Angst einzujagen.

    W630 / H 330

    PH +46 (0)40 25 89 50, FAX +46 (0)40 25 85 59


  • Roll Top Chair - Cabriosessel

    Simon Maidment’s Roll Top Chair is an ingenious solution to a pile of toys in the middle of the room. It also does double duty as seating and a hidden cupboard that kids can manipulate themselves. The roll top tambour door––the same style of door found on roll top desks––curves closed to hold the sitter and opens to unveil a storage box that your child can fill with his or her favorite stuff. Assembly required.

    Dieser Cabriosessel von Simon Maidment löst das Aufräumproblem im Kinderzimmer und dient auch alles tolles Geheimversteck für Kinderschätze.

    gesehen bei

  • Monday, October 17, 2005

    Mid-century - hip century!

    mid centuries toys von m. neuhart

    Mid-century design enthusiasts will love these handcrafted Marilyn Neuhart dolls. Originally designed in 1959, these dolls were popular items at Girard's Textile & Objects Shop in Manhattan during the early 1960's. Now, sold exclusively by maXimo, these dolls are sought after by collectors around the world. Hand sewn and embroidered by the artist herself, each doll is unique. Made out of vibrant Mexican cotton and loop-hooked yarn for hair, the dolls are adorned with fanciful embroidered designs. Furthermore, Ms. Neuhart gives each doll a name and provides a signed Certificate of Authenticity with every one.


  • Playing Ceasefire - Waffenstillstand

    Danish Guardsmen
    The famous Danish guardsmen have their roots back in 1942, and have almost become a symbol of Denmark. Among danish people, the wooden guardsmen are very popular as gifts to people living abroad. The wooden guardsmen represent the highest quality workmanship and are decorated with pure gold leaf. They are available in heights of 1 metre and 22 cms. As a pacifist, I prefer those to the ones in lifesize...and they are perfect to play ceasefire!


  • Abe

    Abe, the Monkey
    Kay Bojesens Wooden animals are Danish classics.Few products have been more loved than Kay Bojesens wooden animals, such as the world renowned monkey.
    The monkey with the pranksters look and the light colored belly have transformed childrens rooms to jungles and sent dreams across the world since 1951. The monkey is made from teak and limbatree.
    Monkey, 20 cm.
    Designer: Kay Bojesen
    Art. No.: KB-250
    Monkey, 60 cm.
    Designer: Kay Bojesen


  • Grand Prix cutlery

    Kay Bojesens award winning steel cutlery was created in
    1951, and is regarded as some of the finest Danish design.
    His Grand Prix cutlery received its name when it won first
    prize in Milan in 1951.
    The Grand Prix Cutlery design is timeless and elegant, while
    still remaining functional and it is made from stainless steel.

    Kay Bojesen entwarf dieses Besteck Anfang der 50er Jahre.
    In Mailand preisgekrönt, erhielt es den Namen Grand Prix.
    Herausragendes dänisches Design für den täglichen Gebrauch in rostfreiem Stahl.


  • picpic

    B I R D
    was designed by famous danish designer Kristian Vedel in 1959.
    Since then, this BIRD has expressed every frame of mind in many living rooms and offices all around the world.
    It is still handmade by a wood turner in a small village in Denmark.
    Available in oak - smoked or natural - and in two sizes: Small: 75 mm ; Large: 115 mm.

  • www.lassen-tableware.d

  • Saturday, October 15, 2005

    glooming rug

    Kids night light rugs...
    This is a half-rug and half-light. Inspired by children's toys and games, the Baby Zoo collection of hand-woven wool rugs have an integrated battery-powered LED light called Good Night. The collection is available in several different sizes, shapes and subjects. The light, turned on/off by pressing the lamp body, is also available without the rug.
    Seen at


  • Magic Garden

    What is the magic Garden?
    It is a really cool, easy to do project which fascinates children of all ages, and adults too. Here is a quick overview!
    You construct the Magic Garden from the special cardboard cut-outs which comes in the box. Making the mountain, trees and shrubbery is quite simple. Most children over age 7 will be able to do it with little, or no adult assistance. Children ages 3 to 6 will need some adult assistance.

    Was ist Magic Garden?
    Zwei Pappmasché-Bäume die zusammengesteckt werden, 4 Stück Pappe für die Gärten und ein großer blauer Pappkarton aus dem später der Fujiyama mit Schnee entsteht.
    Die Pappkartons werden zusammengesteckt und auf den Boden gestellt. Für jede einzelne Pappe liegt der Packung eine Flüssigkeit mit Kristallen bei, die vorsichtig in die Vertiefungen des Bodens geschüttet wird.
    Schon nach wenigen Stunden sehen Sie wie Bäume enstehen, der Garten zu blühen und zu wachsen beginnt und der Schnee den Berg einhüllt.
    Nach rund 12 Stunden ist das Werk vollendet und Sie haben Ihren eigenen japanischen Garten. Magic, aber wahr.


  • Flensted Mobiles

    Mobiles are traditional craft in Denmark, but the modern mobile was created in 1954 by Christian Flensted and his wife Grethe. The tradition is today continued by their son Ole and his wife Aase.
    Their great success comes from the timelessness of the wide range of mobiles, from abstract to representional subjects.


  • Raoul & Victor

    Nounours 'Raoul & Victor'
    Le basculement du nounours en change le caractère, ainsi il passe du gentil et aimable Victor au malicieux et canaille Raoul. Série limitée à 50 exemplaires, 25 €.


  • I ♡ NEW YOKU

    I ♡ NEW YOKU is a little rubber duck which is illuminated with a small LED with a waterresistant switch.
    so close the bathroom door and turn of the light.. it´s fun!


  • Friday, October 14, 2005

    Würfelspiel Imago

    Aus den 6 grafischen Varianten jedes einzelnen Ahornwürfels lassen sich nahezu unendlich viele Bilder gestalten.
    A myriad of imaginary pictures with optical effect can be designed from the 6 different graphic patterns on each maple wood cube.
    Art.-Nr. 9960
    36 Würfel - 36 cubes
    Schwarzer Rahmen zum Aufhängen - Black frame to hang up
    Design: Heiko Hillig


  • pingu&friends

    Pingu and his friends, the little owl, monkeykid, mamakangoroo and turtelino can be printed on baby suits.
    the cost is 30 swiss franks incl. shipping in switzerland, or 19 € plus shipping outside switzerland.
    order by mail:

    Saab roadster and gulfstream 4

    Every mum and dad would allow to park this car in the childrens room..wouldn´t they?
    For more ambitious kids there´s also a jetliner.


  • Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Puppy by Eero Aarnio

    Anybody remotely familiar with the designs of Eero Aarnio will instantly realize that his latest creation, The Puppy, is 100% classic Aarnio. The puppy is part of the new "me too collection" of children's furniture and accessories from Magis, 2005.
    This adorable abstract plastic dog is constructed of hard polyethylene that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 3 sizes are currently available with a fourth larger size coming soon.
    Puppy is a sculpture, a toy, a small stool, whatever your imagination wants it to be.

    The Flower Power Soccer Ball

    The Flower Ball soccer ball, by Takashi Murakami, is designed using his very popular bold flower motifs.
    This soccerball is manufactured by the world leading ball maker Molten, which also manufactures the official soccerballs of A.C. Parma or A.C. Chievo Verona of Serie A, Italy. So it can be used as a actual soccerball, or it can be enjoyed as an art object.
    The Murakami Flower Ball comes packaged in a hip, translucent bag.
    I found the best offer at the Nara-Kami webshop where items designed by japanes designers Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Murakami


  • Didymos baby slings

    The new textile design of Didymos baby slings doesn't look cheesy like most of the patterns for baby slings and is a stylish addition to your outfit.
    The luxurious and complex manufacturing process, using different yarns for both warp and weft, guarantees that the cloth of the sling stays soft and elastic even after many washes.
    The raw cotton comes from biologically controlled cultivation.


  • Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    arne jacobsen chair for children

    Series 7, model 3177, was introduced by fritz hansen in 2005 based on Arne Jacobsen's design of 1955.
    It is available in black, white, lime, rose, orange lacquer or beech.


  • Oma Else

    Oma else is my grandma and she knows great stories.
    Unfortunately, i can´t translate this so this is only to germanspeaking kids..

    Himpelchen und pimpelchen die gingen auf einen berg
    Himpelchen war ein heinzelmann und pimpelchen war ein zwerg.
    Sie blieben lange da oben sitzen und wackelten mit ihren zipfelmützen
    Doch nach vielen vielen wochen sind sie in den berg hineingekrochen.
    Dort schlafen sie nun in guter ruh, pass mal auf und hör fein zu:
    Und als sie wieder aufgewacht da haben beide tüchtig gelacht!
    Himpelchen sagt: ´ich bau mir ein haus!´
    Pimpelchen sagt: ´ich auch ich auch!´
    Himpelchen sagt: mein haus ist nicht grade. pimpelchen sagt: ´mein haus ist krumm!´
    Da kam ein grosser pustewind und pustet alles fort geschwind.
    Dann kam der liebe sonnenschein und macht das häuschen wieder fein.