Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ultraviolet Beads

Ultraviolet Beads and Paint Kit
Detect the presence of ultraviolet light with this kit of safe-to-use, UV-sensitive beads!
Our Ultraviolet Beads and Paint Kit contains safe, UV-sensitive beads and paint that repeatedly cycle from white to colored to white when exposed to ultraviolet light, but are unaffected by visible light. The kit includes 840 UV color-changing beads (7 packs of 120 beads) in five assorted colors; pipe cleaners for making UV-detecting bracelets; UV color-changing paints in orange, red, blue, green, and yellow; and instructions. $39.95


  • get yourself a hand in the kitchen

    fruit and vegetable play set. Brio's new motto--Its more than a toy. Its a childhood.--speaks to the unparalleled history and comprehensive vision of this beloved company. Founded in 1884 by Swedish basket-maker and entrepreneur of hand-made wooden goods Ivar Bengtsson, Brio is still family-owned and maintains a commitment to producing beautiful, durable, engaging toys. Each box comes printed with information about age groups and developmental benefits of the products and is created to help children discover, investigate and develop through play.


  • Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    get yourself a hand in the garden..

    Kid's Gardening Gloves and Tools
    Child size medium gloves are cotton with suede palm.


  • Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    throw a pool party and mingle on the sunroof!

    The house pictured here is called Stockholm − Lundby’s latest design.
    In addition to the extra features, such as the pull-down plexiglass doors and the pull-out pool drawer with its mosaic pattern pool, the house also has a huge south-facing sunroof, beautiful flooring and a smaller sunroof to catch those evening rays! Lundby provides everything for the 1:18 scale doll house:
    microwave oven, barbecue, lamps, hammock..
    lundbys was the first to create a dollhouse with electric lighting.

    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    house haus huis hus maison

    Haus ist weiß und kommt mit Fenstern, Türen und Briefschlitz. Haus kann Puppenhaus, Laden, Schlaf- oder Wohnplatz sein. Es schutzt vor Monstern und wartet darauf, beklebt und bemalt zu werden.Haus ist ruckzuck aufgebaut und einfach aufzubewahren im mitgelieferten Karton.Haus ist robust und macht jahrelang alles mit, ausser drauf Rumtrampeln.Haus wird aus recycelten Materialien umweltfreundlich hergestellt.
    Von jedem verkauften Haus gehen €2,50 an Unicef in den Niederlanden. Dieses Geld kommt direkt einem Projekt zugute, das russische Kinder mit HIV/AIDS unterstützt. Diese Kinder landen nämlich Heufig in schlecht ausgestatteten Kinderkrankenhausern.
    Unicef errichtet im kleineren Rahmen besser geeignete Auffang Möglichkeiten für von HIV/AIDS betroffene Kinder.

    House is white. With windows, doors and letterbox. Huis is a doll’s-house, a store, a safe haven, a place to sleep, a protector against monsters. Meant to be painted and decorated.House comes to life in no time, and is easily stored in its box,House is solid: it gives pleasure for many years, unless trampled upon.House's fabrication is environment friendly and it is made of recycled materials.For each House sold, €2,50 goes to Unicef. This money goes directly to the project that supports Russian children with HIV/AIDS. These children often end up in children’s homes that have very little to offer. Unicef sets up better and small-scale relief centers for children with HIV/AIDS.


  • super sunprint kit

    Super Sunprint® Kit
    Add sun, water and a little imagination to create a long-lasting image!
    Developed by educators at the Lawrence Hall of Science, sunprints encourage interest in the photographic process using only sunlight, water, and a bit of imagination. Place a fern, flower, or other object on the special paper and set it in the sun briefly. Then rinse the paper in water and watch as a beautiful, long-lasting image appears. Contains fifteen 8'' x 12'' sheets and a Plexiglas overlay. Grades K and up.

    For Age 4+Yrs Price: $ 11.95


  • Friday, February 10, 2006

    Recycled Play Structures

    Recycled Play Structures

    Imagination now has stylish digs in these play structures. Whether taking off for new frontiers in the Moon Rocket or ruling a kingdom from a Magic Castle, these cardboard structures are sturdy enough to stand up to some serious rough housing. The Moon Rocket is 5 feet tall featuring a red cone and wings. The Magic Castle is 36" tall by 32" wide and 23" deep with a blue roof. Recommended for kids 1 to 4 and packaged flat in an attractive "blue print" box (30" or 44" x 30" x 2") with caring handle, the structures assemble with ease. Designed by Isa Toy and manufactured in Brazil by Klabin, an eco-friendlly paper company and leading recycler with a globally-accredited forestation policy.


  • Nyokki

    Nyokki means "grow, grow, and grow" and that's what a Nyokki does. An adorable cast of original characters, Nyokkis are hand-made in Japan from glazed ceramic, shaped like an egg with little fabric legs. All five Nyokki are all filled with a soil media and rye grass seed. Nyokki are easy to grow - seeds germinate and grass grows to full height in less than two weeks. Style Nyokki's "hair" or cut it and watch it grow again! Each Nyokki is nicely packaged in a clear tube for store display meaning that everyone will want to take a Nyokki or two home with them!


  • baby ball chair

    The Ball Chair
    A funky chair formed from the wild imagination of Finn Stone; a sculptural artist with an eye for the practical. A remarkably practical design that has been patented worldwide. It's style transends style itself and is the kind of fun and adaptable shape that feels comfortable in any modern environment. It is available in a 'baby' size too. Manufactured under license by a major American company, and widely copied by a series of producers. It is available in either fibre glass or polyurethane, which is cheaper. 71 cm diameter or 44 cm diamater


  • Thursday, February 09, 2006

    vilac toy car

    Toy-making secrets: the wood is turned, smoothed, sanded and lacquered by our skilled craftsmen at Moirans-en-montagne. The toy designers are veritable artists who give personality and character to our toys.



  • Baby téléphone

    Spieltelefon für Babys ab 1 Jahr
    aus lackiertem Holz, H = 17 cm

    ...le bois est tourné, lissé, poncé, laqué, grâce au talent des artisans de Moirans en Montagne. Il est anobli et embelli par des créateurs, véritables artistes qui lui donne forme et style...


  • Friday, February 03, 2006


    NapfNapf [Prototyp]
    Geschirrhalter für Kleinkinder
    Die Saugnäpfe sind leicht zu befestigen und wieder zu lösen. NapfNapf saugt sich erst an der Unterseite eines Kindertellers fest und anschliessend an einer glatten Tischfläche. Die erhöhte Position des Kindertellers erlaubt es, mit den Fingern darunter zu fahren und die drei NapfNäpfer wieder zu lösen. Zur Reinigung kann NapfNapf von Hand auseinandergeschraubt werden.
    Konstruktion: Zwei Saugnäpfe werden mit einer anodisierten Gewindehülse verbunden.
    Masse: 5 x 3 cm
    Material: PVC, Aluminium anodisiert
    Ausführungen: Rot, Blau, Grün, Blau, Schwarz, Natur

    NapfNapf [Prototype]
    The suction caps are easily attachable and detachable. NapfNapf first attaches to the bottom of the toddlers' plate, then attaches to a plain table surface. The raised position of the plate allows for easy detachment by sliding the fingers in the gap between table and plate and thus releasing the suction of NapfNapf. Dismantle NapfNapf easily by hand for convenient cleaning.
    Principle: Two suction caps are connected through an anodised threaded connector.
    Dimensions: 5 x 3 cm
    Materials: PVC, Aluminium anodised
    Available in: Red, blue, green, black and transparent


    designer denim for maternity by seven for mankind and others

    designer jeans für werdende Mütter, von seven for all mankind u.a.



    Halter Tankini with side ruching
    Shell: 80% nylon 20% spandex Lining: 100% nylon
    Made in U.S.A. of imported fabric
    Hand wash
    Price: $130.00


  • pregnant paper dolls

    Your pregnant friend will be a mother soon, but that doesn't mean she's lost her own girlish sense of play. And it definitely doesn't mean she's lost her sense of fantasy fashion. If you need a gift for this fun-loving, style-savvy mom-to-be, voíla: This tongue-in-cheek set of paper dolls contains pages of cut-out maternity clothes and accessories for all three trimesters, plus some for the dreaded post-baby "fourth trimester." There's a tummy-appropriate doll for each period too, plus an oh-so-loveable infant paper doll. She can cover the first trimester likeness with chic low-rise jeans, tanks, and fitted blazers; by the third trimester, spandex sweatpants, shapeless dresses, and the overflowing toy box are the better bet! A fun gift for moms-to-be.
    Booklet measures 8-3/8"W by 11"H. 24 pages. $12.00


  • 'kleiner onkel'

    'kleiner onkel' kinderfahrzeug
    designer/ hersteller: sylvia und lukas redwitz
    eiche · stahl pulverbeschichtet · blechscheibenräder oder speichenräder
    masse: l 75 · b 25 · h 46cm

    'little uncle' toy vehicle
    designer/ manufacturer: sylvia und lukas redwitz
    oak · steel powdercoated · sheet disk wheels or spoked wheels
    measures: l 75 · b 25 · h 46cm


  • Thursday, February 02, 2006

    if you can't write yet..

    ..just Send-A-Voice! These Talking Postcards contain microchips that allow you to record up to 10 seconds. A recessed on/off switch prevents your message from being erased in transit -- and yes, it really does go through the mail. Great for baby's first words but also for long-distance relationships, and hasty breakups.

    available at


  • ...wenn du noch zu klein bist zum Schreiben: schick Deinen Liebsten eine Send-A-Voice-Postkarte! Deine Mama oder Dein Papa helfen Dir sicher Deine Nachricht aufzunehmen.
    Wenns beim ersten Mal nicht klappt: Die Aufnahme kann jederzeit erneuert werden. Chip mit Lautsprecher und Mikrofon für 10 Sek. Aufnahmezeit.
    ABMESSUNGEN: ca. 10,5 x 15 x 0,7cm

    zu beziehen Z.B. über


  • oder gesehen bei Orell Füssli (Filiale Stadelhofen)

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006


    Der HandySitt Kinderstuhl ist eine flexible Sitzlösung für alle Kinder, Eltern und Großeltern. Er ist platzsparend und lässt sich leicht verstauen, wenn er nicht benutzt wird. Er ist für Kinder von 7 Monaten bis ca. 41/2 Jahren entwickelt worden. Durch die effektive Aufhängung in Kombination mit den justierbaren Stützbeinen kann man den HandySitt Kinderstuhl auf fast allen Esstischstühlen verwenden. Der HandySitt Kinderstuhl ist TÜV - geprüft und erfüllt auch die strengsten Sicherheitsbestimmungen und Gesetze. 3-Jahres –Garantie.


  • SEXY in the kitchen

    okay, du bist jetzt mama und deine schicken sex-and-the-city kleider hängen ganz hinten im schrank... dein sweatshirt zieren kekskrümel. doch: nur mit einer schürze bekleidet bist du SO SEXY wie bei philippe djians betty blue..
    diese unkaputtbaren schürzen sind profikleidung und deshalb bei 95 grad waschbar und von auserwählter qualität. ausserdem schwierig, auf schwarzem stoff bleibende spuren zu hinterlassen..

    weitere infos über

    okay, you´re a mum now and your fancy dresses are in the very back of your cupboard, and there is babypuke all over your shirt..
    still: you can be SEXY. wear this apron and you will look as seductive as philippe djian´s betty blue.
    the aprons are designed for workwear and therefore washable at 95 degrees and undestroyable.
    and it´s hard to stain a black cloth..