Wednesday, March 08, 2006

baby's modular system..

the dylan bonding benchâ„¢ is sold as part of the modular dylan system consisting of crib, dresser, and bonding bench. price includes all 3 elements: crib, dresser, and bonding bench. please see other elements on the right to view descriptions of all pieces.
the bonding benchâ„¢ provides a comfortable space for parents to sit closely to relax or play in the early years. in later years, when your child needs additional room, the bench transitions into a stylish ottoman for any other part of the house. cushion can be removed and placed in daybed leaving you with a beautiful clean cocktail table. extra storage drawers are an integral part of the base components and all drawer interiors are finished in orange lacquer.
dylan is sold as a complete set to allow for all of its different features, configurations, and conversions.
toddler rail conversion is $145 additional. twin bed extension is $545, double bed extension is $645. made in the usa.
dimensions: 52w x 13h x 31d, 8h cushion
material: 100% hardwood, non-VOC lacquer paint, leatherhardwoods, non-VOC lacq
color: white/orange cushion, white/gray cushion, white/brown cushion

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