Friday, March 24, 2006

Flying Pig

Flying Pig Paper Animation kits are paper models you make that move. Each one of the 12 different models are full whimsy, delighting everyone whom sees them moving! They are the world's best selling paper craft kit of their kind - each year tens of thousands are sold in the UK, Europe, Japan and Asia. In the USA, they sell very well in upscale, quirky gift and toy shops. An eye-catching motorized POP that makes a pig continuously fly is available. The kits take about two hours to assemble and require the use of scissors, white school glue, ruler and craft knife. Complete step-by-step instructions are provided. While the kits are good for kids 12 and up(younger with adult help), Flying Pig's humor and poetry really appeals to adults.

´Flying Pig´ Bastelbögen
12 verschiedene Papierfiguren die man zum Leben erwecken kann.. alles was man braucht ist ca. 2 Stunden Zeit, ungiftigen Weissleim, ein Linela und einen Cutter.
Für Kinder ab 12, aber auch kleiner haben Spass wenn Ihnen jemad hilft.
Auch ein tolles Geschenk für verspielte Erwachsene.



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