Friday, April 21, 2006


-Bonnet- is a collection of poufs in different shapes, each time covered by a knitted -hat- in 100% superior merino wool. These covers are very easy to take off and clean and can be bought seperately in order to change colour in your interior from time to time.
34 uni colours and 32 mixcolours are available standard.
The knitted covers can be machine washed using a wool-program (30°C max).
The -rocca- is produced in foam, whereas the -palla- and -stella- are produced on basis of a bag of fabric in 100 % wool and filled with high comfort ultra fine expanded polystyrene balls (1 to 3 mm).
The basic elements (foam or filled bags) are high quality products. The knitted cover is produced in very high end merino wool guaranteeing strength and low peeling.


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