Monday, June 26, 2006


Titel: maxinthebox
Entwurf: Thomas Maitz
Produktion: Formreform
Material: Sperrholz matt lackiert
Farben Sitzfläche innen:
rot, blau, rosa oder natur
Maße: H 36 B 36 L 36 cm

Preis: 118 €

Info: Lieferumfang: Zwei Module, die zu einer Box zusammengesteckt werden können.
Bausatz (einfache Montage)
je nach Verwendung ergeben sich unterschiedliche Sitzhöhen


  • Filzschaukel

    Entwurf: Johannes Mohr
    Produktion: Mohr Polster Andelbuch
    Material: Wollfilz
    Farben: schwarz, braun, rot, orange, gelbgrün, blau oder violett
    Maße: ca. H 35 B 29 cm
    Preis: 89 €
    Lieferzeit: 3 Wochen
    Die Filzschaukel ist für Kinder von 4 bis 24 Monate geeignet.


  • Saturday, June 24, 2006

    The Boezels.

    Toys that jump across ages, needs and lifestyles!
    The Boezels are a range of animal friends designed by Twan Verdonck from Neo Human Toys. They are used for sensorial stimulation therapy (Boezels Snoezelen) AND as ueber-trendy artificial pets (Boezels Interior).
    Each Boezel friend has unique characteristics and applies in a specific way to the four senses (touching, smelling, hearing, seeing.) There is a monkey with a belly which can be warmed up in the microwave, a snake with a relaxing smell, a skunk which farts awful, a bird which sings songs, a kangaroo where you can lay in, a frog which blows its cheeks when you sit on him, a zHumanoyd-baby and many Boezels more. Each Boezel can be used by itself. But combinations of Boezels can be made to create different environments to fulfil your wishes, making this a very interactive and stimulating way of relaxing.
    The Boezels vary in size from 20 cm to 200 cm! Some Boezels can be cuddled on the lap, others will cuddle YOU. Due to the perfectly balanced combination of material, weight and size they provoke a strong feeling of physical contact.
    No batteries or voltage are needed for the Boezels! Making this a safe and solid program to play with. Many research has been done on the tactile qualities of the Boezels. That's why they are made of quality (fake)furs and special textiles. However each Boezels-animal can be cleaned easily.
    Meanwhile many people have become a Boezels-fan. EVERYONE seems to react instinctively well to these artificial pets! The Boezels have often been used for multisensorial therapy (snoezelen) with mentally challenged people, elderly with Alzheimer’s or small children. And on the other hand we have also heard about trendy Boezels parties where friends meet and relax together with their Boezels.
    The Boezels and the Boezels-project are initiated and designed by Twan Verdonck. It started in 2001 as his graduation project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Now Verdonck is working under the name of Neo Human Toys where he also develops other concepts for the industry, community and art world.
    The first edition of the Boezels was produced BY mentally challenged people in daycare center, "De Wisselstroom" in Hapert, the Netherlands. "My project is a metaphor and example for how we could deal with social care, industry, design and art" says Verdonck.
    The Boezels-project will be exhibited with three pieces in "Safe: Design Takes on Risk" at the highly respected Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), in New York City, from October 2005 until January 2006.
    Verdonck is currently negotiating with several U.S. partners for a second edition Boezels, and hopes to launch U.S. distribution in Fall 2005.

    The Boezels-project will be exhibited with three pieces in "Safe: Design Takes on Risk" at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York City, USA.
    When: 16 Oct 2005 - 2 Jan 2006
    Where: The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), New York City, USA.


  • Friday, June 23, 2006

    Solar powered helicopter

    Solar powered helicopter.
    Set this wooden toy in a sunny spot and watch its propeller spin! No batteries needed! Nice placed on a windowsill.
    Available in red, blue, green, yellow, and natural. Made in Germany
    $32.00 each


  • Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

    Pedestal Highchair with Pneumatic Lift

    Flair is a revolutionary new highchair, combining innovative features with distinctive modern style. The seamless seat makes clean-up easy and the pneumatic lift allows for effortless height adjustment.

    Flair’s exclusive chemical-resistant, waterproof pad provides a soft cushion and is easily removable for cleaning. Flair is equipped with an adjustable-position, compact tray, as well as top-quality safety features including a five-point harness and restraining post. The sturdy pedestal base gives Flair a unique form that is easy to clean and that slides smoothly under tables. As your child grows, simply remove the tray, safety restraints, and cushion to use Flair as a height-adjustable child’s chair.

    Flair will be available in two models:

    * The Standard model will feature a translucent frosted glass colored seat with a white pad and plastic base. Suggested retail price: $199.
    * The Elite model will have an opaque high-gloss white seat and an orange pad (other pad colors available) and a stainless steel base. Suggested retail price: $399.

    GyroBike-Invisible Training Wheels

    Developed by four Dartmouth undergrads in an engineering design class, the GyroBike helps children to ride bicycles by using gyroscoping precession to turn the front wheel in the direction of a child’s impending fall, both correcting the imbalance and teaching them the counterintuitive but correct way to keep themselves from falling.

    Fahrradfahren lernen ganz ohne Stützräder..
    mit GyroBike ist das möglich. GyroBike wurde von 4 Studenten in einer konstruktiven Entwurfskurs entwickelt. Es hilft Kindern Fahrradfahren zu lernen , indem es gyroskopische Präzession nutzt, um das Vorderrad in die Richtung des drohenden Falles dreht. Das trainiert die Balance und die Gegenreaktion, um den Fall abzuwenden.

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006



    Der Quinny Zapp eignet sich besonders gut für den täglichen Einsatz in der Stadt und auf Reisen (mit dem Auto, dem Bus, der Straßenbahn oder dem Flugzeug)
    Der kleinste und praktischste Buggy aller Zeiten! Abmessungen zusammengelegt: 69 x 27 x 30 cm
    Modernes, unverwechselbares Design
    Das Fahrgestell kann zusammen mit dem Maxi-Cosi Cabrio/CabrioFix Autositz benutzt werden
    Sehr wendiges, schwenkbares 360° Doppelvorderrad, auch feststellbar
    Inklusive Verdeck, Regenverdeck, Reisetasche und Adapter für den Maxi-Cosi Cabrio / CabrioFix Autositz
    Zubehör: Fußsack und Quinny Zapp Bike Carrier
    Zugelassen nach den Sicherheitsnormen EN 1888, BS 7409 und NF S 54-001

    The Zapp is the world's most compact stroller. It folds so small that it can be carried on a bike or in a car passenger's footwell. Weighing just 6kg, the Zapp is ideal for the school run, shopping trips and especially handy for plane travellers.

    potty bench

    The Potty Bench is a training potty featuring two enclosed side storage spaces for organizing potty training supplies, and a pull-out drawer for easy sanitary clean-up.
    Simply close the lid to use as a large, sturdy stool that supports up to 300 lbs. The sleek, modern design includes a built-in toilet paper holder and a removable soft deflector shield.

    • Organizes potty training supplies
    • Simplifies clean-up
    • Easily converts to a bench or step stool
    • Soft flexible deflector eliminates injury
    Dimensions: 19 1/2” x 12 7/8” x 7 1/8”
    Weight: 5 lbs. 15 oz.
    Recommended ages: 18 months +

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    mare polare-spiel um die fischsuppe

    Die Bewohner der Arktis gehen von Eisscholle zu Eisscholle, um nach frischen Fischen zu angeln. Jedem Inuit schmeckt es nach altem Familien-Rezept am besten. Nur zu Beginn kann er auf einem Kärtchen kurz nachlesen, welche Fische in den Topf gehören. Hat ein Mitspieler seine Zutaten vergessen, hilft nur noch der Orakelberg. Hier spiegelt sich das Rezept-Kärtchen im Eis. Mit kooperativer Spielvariante. Ab 4 Jahren für 2-4 Spieler. Prämiert mit 'spiel gut' und nominiert für 'Kinderspielzeug des Jahres 2004' Preis: EUR 29,99


  • Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    collect them all..

    colect furniture presents:
    'a chair' und 'a table' wurden für den formland preis 2006 nominiert.
    für kinder von 2 bis 10 jahren.
    stack chair with storage space, table with 6 drawers.
    for children 2-10 years.
    nominated for the formland prize spring 2006


  • b O bles

    The brand new company b O bles designs creative play for children. The company is founded by the sisters Louise and Bolette Blaedel in Denmark. Louise is educated as fashion designer and Bolette as architect.The idea of the animals for b O bles occured from visits in the Zoo.
    Inspired by the love between children and animals, we have created a colourfull universe which inspires to creative play full of fantasy. We find it very important to focus on the development of movement of the child, as well as the quality and design of the product.All materials are environment friendly and tested especially for children.


  • Thursday, June 08, 2006

    Moc croc football

    Moc croc football made from leather which is printed using a special technique. It is recommended that this product is not used for outdoor or excessive use. This product is a novelty item. 100% leather. Made in Pakistan. Please note we have now sold out of the Limited Edition signed footballs
    £ 169