Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The first Grüslis are born three years ago on a cold, Zurich winter day. Since then, they started to multiply until they completely invaded their mother's house! Due to a lack of space, she decided to put them up for adoption. Grüslis aren’t mass produced in China, but are one of a kind handmade plushes. The collection is born to give everyone the opportunity to own something very special and unique which reflect our personality. Each piece contains an ID Card that lists the date he was born,the Grüsli number, the name and a certificate of authentication signed by the artist.

Natalia Gianinazzi is a 28 years old graphic designer, born in the Italian speaking sector of Switzerland and now living and working in Zurich. Besides giving life to the Grüslis, doing graphics and bags, she also likes to have friends over for dinner and she dreams about a trip to Antarctic. You can see more of her work at

Grüslis are art pieces that mimic toys. They are not for children under the age of three and are recommended to people of 14 years of age and up. Small pieces on some of the products present a choking hazard.



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