Friday, August 18, 2006

Booties by sweetpea

Calfhide bootie
Designed with an elasticated fit making them easy to get on but not so easy to get off for those little inquisitive fingers.
100%natural fibres they let the feet breathe and are perfect for any season.

Available in a beautiful range of colours and sizes for newborns up to 2 years.

- US$32.00


  • MagScapes

    MagScapes - Magnet Receptive wallpaper - a world first from Pepper-mint!

    A magnet receptive wallpaper has been developed in a remarkable technological breakthrough by London-based design house Pepper-mint, in a creative collaboration with traditional wallpaper manufacturer Cole & Son.

    Pepper-mint Design Director Patricia Adler is well-known for her interactive product concepts, including the acclaimed ‘Qube' modular storage system and the ‘Palazzo' flat-pack acrylic chandelier. Always looking to encourage participation in one's own, personal space, she says, “Most recently, I have been exploring ways in which wall space may be used for spontaneous creative expression – seeing it as a canvas for anyone's latent-artist”.

    An inspired journey has led to the creation of a new product, named MagScapes. An ingenious, magnet-receptive wallpaper that, as if by magic, allows decorative magnetic motifs to adhere to the wall. The paper, even with its unique magnet-receptive properties, is still light and flexible enough to be hung, using paste, like any ordinary wallpaper.


  • animools

    Animools, Designer: Freya Jones

    Flat pack, foam, animal stools based on flat pack in its most literal form,
    one sheet = one product. Waterproof and wipe-clean, you can use them in the garden, 3d as play furniture, flat in the swimming pool, or as a play mat.


  • Swiss Strolli Rider

    TÜV - getestet
    ab 15 Monaten bis 20 kg
    Sattel, Handgriffe und Fußstützen höhenverstellbar

    Der SWISS STROLLI RIDER ist ein von Schweizer Ingenieuren entwickeltes und weltweit patentiertes Produkt. Die Lamprecht AG aus der Schweiz ist ein führender Anbieter von Baby- und Kleinkindprodukten.
    mitgeliefert werden 9 verschiedenen Adaptoren zur einfachen Befestigung an den meisten Buggy- und Kinderwagenmodellen
    oval: 14 x 23,8 mm; 16 x 25,4; 20 x 30
    rund: 16 x16 mm; 19 x 19; 22 x 22 ; 25 x 25
    eckig: 16 x 16 mm;18 x 18



  • Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    FARM decals

    BLIK FARM design comes in four (4) sheets of decals in kiwi green, tomato red, yellow and skyblue. Your kids will love these decals as they can customize their chair, their room or even their school locker. Mount on stretched canvas for instant art!


  • Baby Boomer

    Inspired by the award-winning child care center designs for Universal Studios, the BB2 (Baby Boomer Too) set is high design for your youngsters! The Set includes one (1) table and two (2) chairs. The table is 18" high and 34" in diameter. The chairs are 23" high with a seat height of 11" and 13.25" wide. Hardware and instructions included. Adult Assembly required. Available in Natural


  • Monday, August 14, 2006

    brio´s new look

    brio introduces a range of new products with minimalistic design and bold, though modern colors:

    brio bringt eine reihe an neuen spielzeugen auf den markt. das design ist minimalistisch und trotzdem fröhlich mit bunten und modernen farben.

    Sortierbox, schwarz
    Mit diesem klassischen Holzspielzeug lernen Kinder spielerisch Formen und Farben zu unterscheiden. Das macht nicht nur Spaß über viele Stunden, sondern fördert auch die Konzentration und die Koordinierung zwischen Auge und Hand. Höhe: 110 mm

    BRIO's klassisches Rennauto aus Holz lässt sich leicht greifen und man kann wunderbar damit spielen. Selbst Kinder, die noch nicht stehen können, können das Auto im Sitzen rollen lassen. Indem sich die Kinder lang machen und nach sich bewegenden Objekten greifen verbessern sie ihre Koordination und erkunden ihre Umwelt. Zurzeit gibt es diese Fahrzeuge in Grün, Schwarz, Rot und Pink. Sammle sie doch einfach. Länge 140 mm


  • Sunday, August 13, 2006

    new highchair by brio

    Clean lines and a fresh palette unify the selections from this venerable bentwood specialist. The white-painted Play table, with its reversible orange-and-green or blue-and-red top, can accompany a stool or bench in the same materials. The Colour crib comes in green, pink, red, and white. And Grow, an ergonomic high chair, features chrome legs and a removable safety bar.


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  • Tuesday, August 08, 2006


    the ostengruppe design bureau created 3 editions of dollkind toys:
    collection 1: living things toys
    collection 2: verochka, lilechka, irochka and verochkas boyfriend-
    a real alternative to barbie and ken-
    and collection 3: kid scribble toys.. those make childrens´ scribbles alive and 3 dimelsional.