Friday, August 18, 2006


MagScapes - Magnet Receptive wallpaper - a world first from Pepper-mint!

A magnet receptive wallpaper has been developed in a remarkable technological breakthrough by London-based design house Pepper-mint, in a creative collaboration with traditional wallpaper manufacturer Cole & Son.

Pepper-mint Design Director Patricia Adler is well-known for her interactive product concepts, including the acclaimed ‘Qube' modular storage system and the ‘Palazzo' flat-pack acrylic chandelier. Always looking to encourage participation in one's own, personal space, she says, “Most recently, I have been exploring ways in which wall space may be used for spontaneous creative expression – seeing it as a canvas for anyone's latent-artist”.

An inspired journey has led to the creation of a new product, named MagScapes. An ingenious, magnet-receptive wallpaper that, as if by magic, allows decorative magnetic motifs to adhere to the wall. The paper, even with its unique magnet-receptive properties, is still light and flexible enough to be hung, using paste, like any ordinary wallpaper.



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